Picture Perfect Babymoons


Meet photographer Cydnee Jex, our dream maker for expecting couples. Cydnee specializes in shooting newborns and mothers-to-be in very special locations. With Mother's Day around the corner, we asked her what makes a great baby bump shot and more.

How did you develop your specialty?

I got into babymoon photography once my first baby was born. The experience is once in a lifetime and can’t be relived or redone.

Are you seeing a trend in babymoon photography?


Babymoons are definitely growing in popularity! Maternity photography as a genre didn't really exist 10 years ago. Social media has brought the trend into the limelight.  Sharing images and seeing images of babymoons is very desirable for a lot of expecting couples. 

Where have you traveled for clients?

I have shot all over the world and all over the US. I’m heading to New York City, Seattle, New Orleans and Florida next.

What’s the most unusual photo shoot you’ve done for a babymoon?

Nothing is out of the question. I just returned from New Orleans where we found the sweetest old church from 1860 for our location. It was gorgeous!

What are some tips for shooting amazing shots with your baby?

1. Trust your photographer and be open to suggestions. 2. Share your thoughts with your photographer. 3. Plan early! 4. Don't try to "DIY" newborn portraits. It is waaay harder than it seems! 

How far out should clients book you for a babymoon shoot?

Book me in your first trimester to early second trimester. Babymoon photography works best during 26-32-week gestation

To book Cydnee, contact travel@luxwt.com.